A budget-friendly option to
get your brand up and running.




Set a foundation to save time and
money on development later on.

Best fit for refreshing existing brands




Extensive brand implementation,
guidelines, and collateral.

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Creative Direction

Research into your history, background, competition, products/services, and collateral

Concept development to give your brand meaning

Supervise the look and feel of project from concept through completion to ensure the quality of the finished product

Provide direction to professional specialists like photographers or illustrators that collaborate on your project


Design file setup and image formatting

Final touch-ups and design proofing

File packaging and formatting for printer

Project Management

Kick-off meeting to determine your needs, preferences and expectations

Presentation of concepts and designs

Coordinating edits and changes, obtaining input and approvals, “back-and-forthing” to ensure project accuracy, completion and success

Procuring competitively priced printer/vendor quotes

Our Recipe



1. Discovery: interview about your business’s background, mission, goals, customers, and competition. I find out your likes, dislikes, design preferences, and get to know your existing brand. Includes 1 phone or video conference.
2. Design: I create using your brand’s colors, fonts, and elements, and deliver comprehensives (comps) for each of the deliverables below (see The Meat).
3. Revise and fine-tune your brand (back-and-forths)

Number of revisions to the comp designs per deliverable, unless noted:

Additional rounds will be charged at a different rate; see Notes… below.




4. Production: I prepare all materials for printing and/or distribution of your collateral.

The Meat




Final deliverable will be a “logo pack” with all applicable color variations and .jpg, .png, .tif, and .eps versions of the logo. 3 comp options

Sub-brand logos if applicable. Up to 5 variations

Mood board and Style Guide

Includes a board of imagery to define a look and feel for the brand and guidelines defining a logo usage, brand color palette, and fonts. 1 comp option, up to 3 rounds of revision if needed.

Small and Large versions include more extensive guidelines like secondary color palettes, image implementation and tone, text styles, and more.

1 Pg




Business card, letterhead, envelope, and email signature. 3 comp options.

Microsoft Word version of letterhead with margins and editable areas

9″ x 11″ pocket folder. 3 comp options

Capabilities Brochure

Capabilities brochures are considered a highy-designed mix of engaging imagery and text copy. Create an all-purpose brochure that showcases the products or services your business offers. 2 comp options

2 Pgs

12 pgs

24 pgs

Presentation Template

Microsoft PowerPoint presentation template including master slides for title, section, and main content page. Brand color palette and fonts integration. 1 comp option

Dark background variation for presentations in dimly-lit rooms

Sell Sheet

Number of sell sheets:

An 8.5″ x 11″, 2-sided sheet ideal for comprehensive information about a single product or service you offer. The final design can be used as a template for future reports, providing significant savings for extra design costs. 2 comp options




Reports are considered roughly 80% text and 20% imagery. Based on content you send or an existing report, I’ll make a completed report with everything you’ll ever need including cover design, paragraph and character text styles (title, headers, body copy, bullets, pullquotes, captions, etc.), image treatment, tables, graphs, and more. The final design can be used as a template for future reports, providing significant savings for extra design costs. 2 comp options to include cover and inside spread

12 pgs

24 pgs


Whitepapers are considered reports with nearly all text and minimal, if any, imagery. Based on content you send or an existing whitepaper, I’ll make a completed report using the text treatments above, modified for optimizing large amounts of text. The final design can be used as a template for future reports, providing significant savings for extra design costs. 2 comp options to include cover and inside spread

12 pgs

24 pgs


I have a separate page to go over my website packages. The Basic Website Package is included in the Extended Branding Package.

Ability to visually edit site after project completion, allowing you to add unlimited pages and products (Visual Composer)
Website management software (WordPress) install & configuration
Responsive design: page layout auto adjusts for monitors, tablets, or phone screen size
All software licensing fees included: WordPress, Visual Composer, theme, plugins, fonts

Image licensing is not included. See “Notes…” below for details.

A professionally programmed template for the “bones” of the site
Using your brand’s colors, fonts, and elements, we design a mockup of your new site. Number of comprehensive designs, each including 1 home page + 1 secondary page mockup:

Includes up to 3 rounds of revision after choosing 1 comp direction.


Full site content population using your text and images

By default, you provide all the imagery and text copy, but I can also source those for you. See “Notes…” below for details.

Number of rounds of revision after sending full site with content:


Number of pages, maximum

Each page is counted as “a reasonable amount of content for a single web page.” That can include a blog post, a product page, or section of a “single page scrolling” layout.


Tons of modern, interactive site elements like accordions, tabs, parallax effects, animated effects, embedded video, and more.
Contact form plus interactive map with directions
Animated slideshow on home page

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research & setup: 1 week
design: 6+ weeks
revisions: 2 weeks




research & setup: 1 week+
design: 10 weeks
revisions: 3 weeks




research & setup: 2 weeks
design: 16 weeks
revisions: 4 weeks+

Side Dishes

Website Packages

I have a separate page to go over my website packages. The Basic Website Package is included in the Extended Branding Package.

Social Media Package

Carry over the design elements from your brand to your social media. Includes up to 3 platforms (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and deliverables include applicable profile photo, page banner, and post template.

Source Design Files Package

Full ownership of all source design files are transferred to you at the completion of the project to edit and reuse as you wish. As an industry standard, the fees for creative work are only a license to use the finished product, the same way software, images, movies, and fonts are actually licensed and not sold. Because they are not needed by most clients, I do not include source files as part of the package price.

A la Carte


If you’re having a hard time with most basic element of brandingyour business’s namelet me come up with a creative, memorable solution. After research I’ll give you 3 options to choose from. One additional round of 3 names if needed. Also: check out my guide to naming considerations.


The tagline is usually paired with the logo and is a creative way of condensing your whole business concept into a few words. Includes 3 options to choose from.


Let me take care of the printing. I’ll pick the best paper stocks and compare pricing from multiple vendors to get to you the best deal. Then I’ll have it delivered to your door. Pricing varies too much to quote here; send specs including quantity and delivery zip code for each piece and I’ll quote the price.

Image Research & Recommendations

I’ll create a library of go-to stock images based on your business and brand style. Deliverable is a lightbox of minimum of 15 and up to 20 images. Price does not include licensing fees for the images themselves. I will either refer you to the provider, or purchase the licenses and add them to your package. Any such fees will be pre-approved by you; I recommend a budget of $200-600 to start off.

Custom Photography : Products In-Studio

Includes up to 3 hours of photography for up to 5 products. Deliverable is a minimum of 15 and up to 20 edited, high-res images. Ship the products to our professional photographer, then we’ll return them when you’re done if you need them.

Custom Photography : Onsite

I’ll art direct a professional photographer who will be onsite. Includes up to 3 hours of photography within 15 miles of Washington, DC 20036. Deliverable is a minimum of 15 and up to 20 edited, high-res images.

Custom Copy Writing

A professional copywriter will conduct a phone interview with you to find out what you’re looking for and write copy for your brand. The amount of text will be estimated and then includes one round of revision after initial draft submission.

Custom Copy Editing

A professional copywriter will revise and re-write your existing copy to better fit your brand and target customer.

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Notes on the Above Packages

The actual content (basically, imagery and text) is not included and by default I assume that you can provide them. If you already have high quality assets like photos from a shoot or stock photos, we can format them for no additional charge. If not, we can still provide a full-service package, but you will need to add Custom Copy Writing + a } Image Research & Recommendations + stock image licensing or b } Custom Photography.

The standard Fee Schedule still applies. Note the number of rounds included. If the revisions go beyond the scope in the packages, they will be charged according to the schedule. All standard project management fees are included in the package pricing.

Need something you don’t see here? Every business is different. Tell me what else you need to add on and I’ll create a custom order.

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