I am sending complete specifications for deliverables, including deadlines.

Unknown document size, publication intent, or deadlines will likely send the project back a few steps, and may incur additional design and production charges. Without hard deadlines I will still attempt to deliver as soon as possible; however it makes it more difficult to manage my time, so there can be no guarantees on turnarounds.

I am sending content that has been finalized internally.

Please make sure all text has been proofread internally and that all decision-makers have approved all text and image content before your project goes into production. Edits can be made to a Word document in-house far more quickly than to a finished, designed document. Extensive revisions may incur additional production and project management charges.

I understand there will always be last-minute changes and typos; that’s why by default I include 3 rounds of revision. For any additional revisions, I charge $250 per hour with a minimum 1/4 hour charge. As a rule of thumb, revisions should not take more than 10% of the entire project time—if they do, there may be a problem with the collaborative process.

 I understand that revision requests must be approved by all decision-makers internally and then consolidated into a single group before sending.
I understand that each and every request to revise will be considered 1 round, regardless of size, and any rounds beyond the number allotted in the Project Quote will be charged extra and at a higher rate.

Please make sure to send revisions as a single, consolidated list. Receiving revision requests piecemeal increases the chances that some of your changes might be missed or that work will be doubled up (for example: if one person says to remove a comma and then a second person says to add a comma in the same spot).

Every time we make revisions, we stop everything else to focus solely on your project. This requires us to open the required files, implement edits, re-export the document(s), and re-send. For this reason, any time we receive a request for revisions it counts as one round, regardless of the size. Each round beyond the included number of revisions is charged at $250 per hour with a minimum 1/4 hour charge. This rate is purposely very high; we do this to encourage organized project management and communication. Luckily, these charges are very easy to avoid!

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This includes a list of project fees, assumptions, and terms of service that has already been signed by someone at your company.