Where to?

naming considerations

When naming or renaming your business or product, you have a few options for the type of name. Here is a case study of a company that deals with Middle Eastern analysis that Apsara was hired to rename.


Literal, to the point. Describes the business without any added implications. May be an acronym or abbreviation if the name is unusually long.

  • Center for Arabic Media Analysis / CAMA
  • Arabic Media Research Center
  • Middle East Media Archive / MEMA
  • Center for Arabic Media Research
  • Middle East Media Research Center
  • Arabic Media Research and Analysis Center


Taking history, metaphors, simplifications, or poetic license with a name to connect it to a broader idea.

  • Ayin (letter from Arabic alphabet; represents language, journalism, communication; means “eye”)
  • Euphrates (a river in the Middle East)
  • Hazara (Arabic for “notify, inform”)
  • Hamsa (Arabic for “five;” commonly used in depicting the open right hand)
  • Marefa (Arabic for “knowledge, knowing, learning, information, awareness, familiarity”)
  • Sahafa (Arabic for “news media”)
  • Crescent (represents the “fertile crescent,” civilization, Middle East)


A combination of two words into one. Good for creating a unique, original, and copyright-friendly name, but be careful as sometimes they can border on silly-sounding.

  • Merean (Middle East + research + analysis)
  • Acrean (acquire + research + analyze)
  • Aramesis (Arabic + media + analysis)
  • Memedia (Middle East + media)
  • Alayin (al + ayin)